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Friday, September 9, 2016



Yesterday, September 9, 2016, we experienced the scariest day of our lives.  I smelled smoke and looked out my kitchen window and saw flames taller than our house right outside our backyard fence.  We live on the prairie and see blackened spots where there was a grass fire all the time, but outside your house is another story.  I grabbed our dog Ellie and got in the car and as I was pulling out of the garage the fire was also on the store side of our home, very close to the house.  The wind was blowing really hard yesterday and as I was driving away my last view of the house was the fire a few yards away with the wind blowing it right towards the side of our home.

A guy who had been working down the road saw the fire and called 911.  Now,  I have a jitterbug cell phone and was shaking so bad I couldn't call Bill, my husband.  I finally got a hold of him and told him our house was on fire.  You see, as I sat at a neighbors house watching all the fire trucks roll by I could see flames on our roof.  As soon as I felt they had all passed by, I returned home and parked out of the way to see everything that was going on.  Bill finally got there when all the firemen were there and got to work.  Of course, he knew all the guys because he is a fire chief for a refinery.

As you can see from the pictures, God smiled on us that day.  It never touched our house.  The hard work of all the firemen and Austin, the guy that first called 911, saved our home. 

The worst day,  thinking our house was going to burn down and the best day,  seeing GOD at work in our lives.


Monday, August 22, 2016


We have hundreds of these cute little rabbits on our property.  This little one sits safely on our front porch knowing Ellie can only wish and stare at her prey.  The rabbits love to tease and toy with her.  Ellie is our newest addition to our family.  Hazel passed away a few years ago and we had to have another dog.  We rescued her from Oklahoma.  She is now the new greater for my store Teacups & Twigs.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Memories Antique Shop
Now I am tempted not to disclose the location of this wonderful place. This is owned by Marv & Pat Goldsmith in Nebraska. You get the best stuff! Salvage, furniture, you name it they have it. This trip they were giving a free kitten with purchase. LOL! Good people and a lot of fun.

This place is one of my favorite places to shop in Grand Island, Nebraska. They have beautiful stuff. Sometimes I like to get finished pieces instead of projects for me to do for the store. The guy who does some of the furniture here is brilliant. He and his wife relocated from New Orleans after Katrina. The name of the place is Railroad Towne Antiques.

Ingleboro Mansion B & B
319 North Main Street
Smith Center, Kansas 66967
This picture doesn't reflect the beauty of the bed & breakfast. We got a tour and it is gorgeous inside.

Pencil Illustrations by Marilyn Pfeiffer-Hake

She is really good! I bought her T-shirt with this picture "Ladies With Purses". She stopped doing her artwork for many years because she was just too busy. She had 7 kids! I asked her if she had to work at getting her talent back she said nope, just like riding a bike you never forget. Loved her! She is thinking about doing a wildlife stamp in the future.

Magnitudes by Bailey
She makes refrigerater magnets from old jewelry.

We met this gal in Scandia, Liz. I bought one of my favorite pieces from her and her husband (a large nester/tool bin. This is her artwork, Sustainable Abstract Expressionism. Very talented and delightful couple. This town was one of our favorites because a lot of people set up on both sides of the street. FUN!
Check out the talent of her daughter above with her cousin.

This was a gorgeous Convent that is the highest point in the city of Concordia, Kansas.

This is one of our favorite couples that we met along the way on our Kansas Treasure Hunt. Never asked their names but we talked with them for an hour. They have been married 58 years. He planted sunflowers (what you see behind them) to attract doves so his sons could go dove hunting. He does all the work himself.

Homeward Bound
This is what we saw coming into Cheyenne.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Treasure Box Giveaway

Visit Shabby Lane Shops and leave a comment on their blog with your name, state of residence, email address and a note letting us know which is your favorite shop and why. Also sign up for their newsletter and they will enter you in the giveaway.

Also, join my Tuesdays Treasure Hunt on my website If I don't have what you are looking for shop at SLS.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just had to share my son and his family at the April 15th tax protest in Santa Ana, California. Of course, he had the biggest sign there. It doesn't look like it in these pictures but he said there were hundreds of people there. Good for him and his family! They took the boys and had a blast! This feels like it did the day after 911 where the whole country pulled togethar for one cause, OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today I am so excited to share with you what Sharon of C'est Chouette made for me. I found the needlepoints at a couple of estate sales and immdiately thought of Sharon. She rescues needlepoints and turns them into valueable heirloom pillows. I have never seen anything like what she does. They are the most stunning pillows I have ever seen with detail that shows the pride and passion she has in her work. This picture is taken in front of my store window newly decorated for spring

If you want to own one of these heirloom pieces, visit her website You will be amazed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Say howdy to two of Cheyenne's fun loving frontier floozies, Judy and Rena. They came shopping at Teacups & Twigs all decked out in their red hats ready to shop. They weren't coming from a tea party or going to one. They were just having fun dressed up in their favorite outfit. We should all be so free in spirit. God Bless'em!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I could not have staged this picture of the kittens on this old chase lounge if I wanted to. This is how we found them at the Thompson's place. Just relaxing on a beautiful warm Nebraska day. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

This is one of our most favorite buying trips of the year. We set out for Grand Island, Nebraska, which is only 5 hours from where we live. We stay the the Holiday Inn Express and park our cargo trailer in a lot next to the hotel. We take our truck out each day and fill it up and come back at the end of the day and off load the stuff into the trailer. It is so much fun. We meet the nicest people.

One of our favorite places to stop is in Sargent, Nebraska (Thompson's Treasures). Dave and his wife have a beautiful old house loaded with architectual salvage, western stuff, and stuff they make. We get a lot of our salvage for our products at their place.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


The Dove. Did you know that a dove keeps the same mate for life. They are quiet and serene birds. She is sitting in her nest in our big pine tree out back.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My apple trees are finally blooming. Living in Wyoming where the winters are long and cold, I love how everyone celebrates spring and summer. Something we used to take for granted in Southern California. I am ready to plant my flowers in the cottage garden and welcome people into my store.

One of the things I love to do is use old china plates as a border in the garden. You can use them in a half circle in the center of an area just to highlight some of your favorite flowers. It looks sooooo shabby cottage!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We had so much fun creating this piece for our store. This is a Hall Tree made from an old door that we painted and distressed to look shabby chic. We collect old legs from different salvage pieces we find and that is what we used here. Inbedded in the top shelf is a silver tray so keys and change can be put. We used 4 new silver hooks for coats and hats. We also used an antique header at the top and added a cottage furniture decal made of wood for the cottage look. I love this piece and it welcomes my customers in my store.

Monday, February 18, 2008


You will crack up at this. My grandson, Kevin, and some others decided to have a little fun on Valentine's Day. Now he is almost 13, and this was totally a shock to us that he did this. He made the large gold heart that you see and wore it around his neck all day. As you can see, the heart said "free hugs". And yes, he got a lot of hugs. As the day wore on he forgot about the heart around his neck and would be caught off guard when a girl would come up and hug him. This school is awesome. They really let the kids have fun and so does the school. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This picture might look depressing to some of you, but the picture doesn't do it justice. This is in front of my store (my cottage garden). Yes, everything is dead and covered but still very beautiful. This is the entrance to Teacups & Twigs. It may look a little shabby, but I love shabby. I surrounded the garden in old found fencing. Each section of the fence is a different style. Adds character. I have old wicker chairs in the garden, carts, birdfeeders and houses. Anything goes, to me.

Here is a look at our island with the old wagon. This day was a very grey-white day. It looks like the sky is the same color as the snow. I love this look.

Another wintery look. Our home. Hazel, our dog, loves the snow. Doesn't she look relaxed on her stroll up the driveway?

Having been born in Texas and raised in Southern California, I love the seasons, and this is my favorite (WINTER). Just look at those trees. How beautiful.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I love decorating my store for Christmas. I have always done a tree in each room of my home and now I get to put up multiple trees for my Christmas Show. We have the show throughout the house as each room gets remodeled. I have so much inventory, it helps to spread out. Everyone loves to come and see what progress we've made, not to mention, getting unique ideas for their own homes. I love to share the things we are doing and creating. We have a shabby area in the store, a primitive area, and unique looks thoughout the house.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


The wreath I am featuring today can be made by anyone with a gorgeous mature white birch tree in their yard. This on is fairly large in size, but depending on the size branches you cut, a smaller one can be made. This takes minutes to create. First cut about 5 or 6 branches. Not thick ones, thin ones with a base of about 1" round. Make sure there is enough at the top that is weepy (which birches tend to be). Divide the branches up in each hand and bring togethar and wire. You can use any wire or florist wire if you have some. You have formed the bottom point of the heart. Now go to the top and bring the bunch you have in each hand togethar and wire the top weepy part. Be sure to leave some of the branches hanging below the wire, now wire togethar. Leave a long string of wire hanging down. Now pull the string of wire down towards the point of the heart and wire to the point of the branches. This forms your heart shape. You can also wire the sides of the heart if they seem too fat or bulgy. Now decorate to your hearts content. LOL. You can use a combination of silks and drieds as I have done on this wreath. This was created for Ruth Welter for her home. She is an extremely talented artist and has a web site called Artful Creations. You can visit her site at and take a look at her work. She paints mailboxes, old windows, and does beautiful watercolors. I highly recommend her.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


This wreath was specially created for my friend Vicki of Wyoming. She loves the victorian style and has a lot of it in her home. She wanted me to add a special silver sugar & creamer to her wreath which gave it a unique look. Her colors are very victorian which give her wreath lots of depth. I added an old shoe pin to the middle of her bow which gives her wreath bling. Vicki is very supportive of me and my business and I appreciate her so much. She to loves the Lord and has a porcelin scroll added that has one of her favorite scriptures.

Friday, August 3, 2007


I just finished this wreath for Jill of Minnesota. She sent me 3 sets of her own teacups and saucers but I was only able to use one set. These are all of her favorite colors which mostly consist of pastels. This wreath looks so light and airy to me because of her choice in colors. She is also a collector of teacups and saucers and wanted this to be an interesting addition to her home. I used an old brooch in the bow and some very old spoons. Some of the teacups are vintage and some are new. This was a fun piece to make for her.