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Friday, September 9, 2016



Yesterday, September 9, 2016, we experienced the scariest day of our lives.  I smelled smoke and looked out my kitchen window and saw flames taller than our house right outside our backyard fence.  We live on the prairie and see blackened spots where there was a grass fire all the time, but outside your house is another story.  I grabbed our dog Ellie and got in the car and as I was pulling out of the garage the fire was also on the store side of our home, very close to the house.  The wind was blowing really hard yesterday and as I was driving away my last view of the house was the fire a few yards away with the wind blowing it right towards the side of our home.

A guy who had been working down the road saw the fire and called 911.  Now,  I have a jitterbug cell phone and was shaking so bad I couldn't call Bill, my husband.  I finally got a hold of him and told him our house was on fire.  You see, as I sat at a neighbors house watching all the fire trucks roll by I could see flames on our roof.  As soon as I felt they had all passed by, I returned home and parked out of the way to see everything that was going on.  Bill finally got there when all the firemen were there and got to work.  Of course, he knew all the guys because he is a fire chief for a refinery.

As you can see from the pictures, God smiled on us that day.  It never touched our house.  The hard work of all the firemen and Austin, the guy that first called 911, saved our home. 

The worst day,  thinking our house was going to burn down and the best day,  seeing GOD at work in our lives.


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