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Thursday, August 30, 2007


The wreath I am featuring today can be made by anyone with a gorgeous mature white birch tree in their yard. This on is fairly large in size, but depending on the size branches you cut, a smaller one can be made. This takes minutes to create. First cut about 5 or 6 branches. Not thick ones, thin ones with a base of about 1" round. Make sure there is enough at the top that is weepy (which birches tend to be). Divide the branches up in each hand and bring togethar and wire. You can use any wire or florist wire if you have some. You have formed the bottom point of the heart. Now go to the top and bring the bunch you have in each hand togethar and wire the top weepy part. Be sure to leave some of the branches hanging below the wire, now wire togethar. Leave a long string of wire hanging down. Now pull the string of wire down towards the point of the heart and wire to the point of the branches. This forms your heart shape. You can also wire the sides of the heart if they seem too fat or bulgy. Now decorate to your hearts content. LOL. You can use a combination of silks and drieds as I have done on this wreath. This was created for Ruth Welter for her home. She is an extremely talented artist and has a web site called Artful Creations. You can visit her site at and take a look at her work. She paints mailboxes, old windows, and does beautiful watercolors. I highly recommend her.


Ruth Welter said...

Karen, thanks so much for making this gorgeous wreath for me, it looks stunning above my bed. I'll take a picture of it up on my wall so you can see it in action.

Inspired Tokens said...

Your wreath's are just beautiful, and this one is no exception. Unfortunately, I don't have birch trees in my yard! I'll have to try to find some in somebody else's yard. Thanks for the instructions. And, thanks for sharing Artful Creations website!

Jennifer Froh said...

Karen, you did a fabulous job! I love it. I hope to see Ruth's pictures of it in her room! :)

Stephanie said...

This is just lovely. I'm a big pushover for anything with a heart on it!!

Angelic Accents

cjan said...

Hi Karen,


See my Blog @

Sure miss hearing from you on MMP Blog.
Hope all is well and that Winter doesn't come too fast for you!!


Tiffany said...

oh my isn't that lovely! I'm sure Ruth will adore this piece, so much detail!

Your blog is fun to read, I'll be back!

Whimsy Pink said...

That is very pretty!